1990 P30 Fleetwood Bounder

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Apr 2, 2013
where is and how do I get to the the fuel guage sending unit on a 1990 fleetwood bounder motorhome with a chevy p30 chasis? Fuel guage is always reading empty and told it may be the sending unit.  Appreciate any help anyone can provide.
I believe that it is located in the same place as it is on my G30 Chevy chassis - namely.... in the top of the tank, as part of the fuel pump assembly. You'll have to drop the tank, unfortunately.

I did this before on a class-c.  Try locating(from underneath)  where the fuel tank would be in the floor of the unit.  Cut a whole thru the floor above the sending unit and make a trap door to work on the sending unit without dropping the tank.  Your particular rig may not be conducive to this, but it worth checking out before going to the expense of transferring gas and dropping the tank.
wires for sending unit were stuffed inbetween frame and fuel tank mount.  three wires were bare and against metal.  Repaired bare wires and fuel gage is working now.  thank you  both for your insite.

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