1991 Fleetwood Bounder Window Washer Fluid Reservior

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Jul 4, 2016
A few years ago, I bought a used 1991 Fleetwood Bounder Class A motorhome on a Chevy 454 P-30 Chassis.  I've replaced just about everything and am down to a few last items.  One thing I can't find is the Washer Fluid Reservoir for the windshield washers.  I've traced the spray hoses back into the engine compartment, but after about a two feet down the line, the hose is disconnected.  I can't find what it connects to, but even worse, I can't find the washer reservoir.  I'm thinking (1) I'm either just missing it, or (2) perhaps it connects to the freshwater holding tank...?  Does anyone have any info regarding this info motorhome?

Another thing I'm trying to locate is the solenoid that controls the "auxiliary start" button... the one you push to draw power from the house batteries when the engine battery is dead.  I run my battery dead occasionally, and the only way I can start it is to run the generator and plug in a trickle charger to the main battery.  Right now, when my battery is dead, I push and hold that button, and nothing happens.  No juice.  If I could use this auxiliary start button, life would be so much easier. 

Thanks for your help.
Christian Amacker


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Dec 17, 2013
We owned a 1992 Bounder (Ford) for many years. The windshield washer reservoir was behind the grill on the drivers side. Fill cap was about level with grill when hood was open.
After about 10 years, the reservoir cracked and I replaced it with a auto parts store one and mounted it on firewall under 12 volt fuse box.
Our auxiliary and power ( salesman switch) solenoids were mounted
side by side in the battery control center box mounted on firewall directly in front of driver. If original, those solenoids can be taken apart and cleaned. Copper contact disk can be flipped to provide new contact surface.


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Jul 3, 2016
South Carolina
I think this forum is pretty good, but for very specific info on a specific model, I've had good luck on Facebook groups for XXX Model Owners.
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