1993 Terry Travel Trailers

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Feb 13, 2006
I am looking at at 24 foot 1993 Terry Travel Trailer.  For its age, it is pretty clean.
Anyone with advice as to what to look for?

Carl L

Moderator Emeritus
Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
As I remember, the Terrys of that vintage were aluminum framed.  The boxes are pretty simple.  In general look for"

1.  Soft spots in the floor.

2.  Any sign of water damage in the ceiling.

3.  Operation of the fridge.  It should cool down in about 4 hours operating on gas.

4.  Operation of all the other appliances including furnace, water heater, and water pump. 

5.  Check for any sign of leakage at the tanks.

6.  If you can, get a manometer check on the propane system by a shop.  If not sniff around for any leaks as best you can.

7.  Check the age of the tires.  If they are over 5 years old, replacement is coming due.  If over 7 years, immediately replace.

8.    Check the type and age of the batteries.  They should be deep cycle not marine deep cycle/starting dual purpose batteries.  In any case, after about 5 years, batteries get a bit iffy.

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
They were pretty decent trailers and if the items Carl outlined are OK, should still serve you well. In addition, I would check the roof seams (chances are they need caulking) and look at the ceiling inside for signs of water staining, which would indicate leaks.

I would also plan on replacing the converter/charger too. The standard ones of that vintage were notorious for overcharing batteries and ruining them, often quite quickly. Replacing the converter with a modern, well regulated one is usually easy (depends on the type you have) and for a couple hundred bucks you can avoid future battery replacements and frequent (weekly!) checks of the water in the battery.  IF you buy the trailer and decide you want to do that, ask further here about brands and types.
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