1994 P-30 exhaust doughnut/s

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Jun 3, 2018
While on RV (see signature) trip had my passenger side exhaust doughnut blow while returning from Magic Mountain with kids. I had driven down from Renton, Wa. to HB, Ca. a couple weeks previous.

Crawled under the next day and began pulling the pipe down (both sides). Passenger side was completely gone with exception of the metal ring. Drivers side was still looking good. I went ahead and purchased Fel-pro doughnuts of same size.

Problem I had was (3) different places had no springs/nuts in stock. Crap. Well...going to have to do until I get back home ~1330 miles.

Got home and shortly before arriving passenger-side was acting up again. After getting home the next day I crawl under and passenger-side doughnut was 90-95 gone.

But more importantly I could easily slide the springs up/down & turn them. Got some new springs/nuts. Pulled the pipe down again (both sides). Clean everything up real well. Applied lots of copper seize on stud threads, bolt threads, nut threads and spring faces.

Replaced the passenger-side doughnut (drivers still looked new) and not much movement if any with the springs. Replaced all the springs & nuts given it's off. The new springs were at min 1/2in taller than the old ones.

After putting it back together I tighten the nuts making sure the springs are not fully compressed & equal on all roughly 1/16th or so from fully compressed between coils.

Done. Recheck after a few heat cycles. Holding well.

Moral here...

Replace the springs and nuts whenever the pipe is down.

House Husband

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Jan 26, 2019
Another trick with those old P32 donuts is to use the pressed steel donuts and not the asbestos ones.

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