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jr brown

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Jun 18, 2018
:)) My DW and I are home after our 1st long trip. We traveled 1200 miles in the UP of Michigan and no problems. It was a trip to remember . We went up to Cooper Harbor and had lunch and shopped of course . I have never seen beauty like I saw on the trip. At our 1st camp site in Manistque we meet a very nice couple from Cleveland Ohio and enjoyed a nice evening visit. We stayed there for 4 day and than headed on up to Calument which is about 40 miles south of Cooper Harbor. We traveled US 2 and M41 all good roads with just a bit of construction. Our new used 5Th wheel servered us well. I cant wait for the next trip, and thanks everyone who helped with good advise.  Thanks Chief


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Mar 30, 2010
Sounds great! Congrats on the long, successful shakedown.

May I suggest that from the start you keep a simple log of all your trips, so you'll be able to look up later the places you stayed and significant events.
I use a plain old Excel workbook with a sheet for the trailer where I record the date, daily mileage, where we camped, repairs, and note significant sights or events. This lets me know how many miles the trailer itself has traveled (61,906 since March 2010) and how many days we've camped (621). Perusing it helps me recall that Spring snow storm at Grand Canyon (in 2011), getting stuck in the mud at Sleepy Hollow Farm during Airventure (2010), and riding the Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia (2016).

See you on the road!


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