2 Buck Chuck

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Still one of the best bargains in the wine industry IMHO.
BTW it has been at least that price i. oregon for several years.
If you like two buck chuck, youll love Snoqualmie Riesling and Livingston Chianti!
You guys have been spoiled.  ;)  It's been $2.99 in Oregon for forever.  We still pick up a case when we have another reason to go to Eugene.  Since we became grownups and got our own Costco in Roseburg, we don't go north as often.  You and Jimmy were the first to introduce us to their Merlot.

Anne Dorough!

Wow, great to see your name on the forum.  We want an update on you & Jim.  Don't make me come out there!

Seemed like an appropriate thread hijack, considering the desire for economical adult beverages....

If you like premium vodka, but don't like shelling out big bucks for Grey Goose, Belvedere, etc... Then all you need is some activated charcoal. The key is contact time - so you have to rig up something with a very slow drip. You can get the charcoal at Petsmart. Best to get some of that cotton like wadding, too, to keep the charcoal in place.

I have done this with the cheapest shwill, and was surprised at the results...


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