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I have never owned a boat before but i have been boating lots of times growing up.  I want a bass boat and im saving up for one but im not sure with my current medical conditions and physical ability that i can man handle such a rig.  I see some on CL for $1500-$3000 and some cheaper with no engine.  But i know i dont want one with no engine as the engine is the most expensive thing on a boat.  I also dont want someone elses headaches.

I also dont want a jon boat because i cant sit that low and be confortable, i prob could not stand up if i sat that low.

So since its just me i thought about one of the 2 man pontoon type boats.  IE  sun dolphin pro 120, bass raider 10E, or pelican.  I prefer something that actually looks like a boat and not a block of wood in the water so im leaning toward the sun dolphin.  All of them seem to be able to use the seats to sit up much higher.

But once you get the boat, then you need a trailer (i dont want to load it in the back of my truck, to me thats dorky).  Then after that you need a motor, i thought about the 9.9(i think) hp which all of them should handle.  I dont need to go fast so i dont need a huge motor, but i also dont want to get run over either. Then after all the other equipment its still like $3000 so there is just no way regardless how i go to stay under $2000 for a boat. 

I even considered the bass bandit (google it) which is exactly like a bass boat but a mini version, its really cool but its like $7000 - $9000 bucks. 

I was so shocked last week i saw a boat for sale at someones house it was a small boat about perfect for me, but they wanted $18,000 and i was like Holy Moly, i cant believe that boat is that much.

So i was wondering if anyone has a little pontoon boat and how do you like it?  What dont you like about it?

Thanks Dave 

I could build my own (see pic) but i dont even want to go there :)  lol



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Jul 26, 2015
Have you considered a Porta-bote? Ive never had one but am thinking about it. I think HP limit is about 3-4 due to weight


I looked at porta boat when i thought i would be traveling around but now that i am staying in one place i dont want that kind of boat.  It would also be too hard for me to put together alone.  Its very expensive and they discontinued some of the cool feature addons.


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Oct 19, 2010
I have a 18 foot pontoon, but I can't handle it by myself. I bought a 10 foot jon boat, but afraid that I would fall out of it. Next was a 14 foot jon boat which I modified. New seat,  handrails on the trailer and boat. 6 hp motor and a trolling motor.


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