2000 Winnebago Workhorse 454 Code Reader

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A lot of us Workhorse owners use the ScanGaugeII.  Besides reading & resetting codes, it lets you set up 4 different gauges, like engine coolant temp, engine oil temp, tranny temp, oil pressure, gallons/hr, rpm,mpg, speed, torque, load, throttle position, and about 20 more parameters.  It also has a whole bunch of trip & fuel data you can setup and monitor.  Sells for $170.  Website here: http://www.scangauge.com/products/scangaugeii/
I purchased a  Mac Tools ET9640 Professional Enhanced Scan Tool.  I'm really happy with it so far. Works  on obd1 and 2 . I use it on my coach and my 05 chevy truck. I bought mine off of E-bay at a very good price. I believe it was made for Mac by actron, and are sold under different labels such as Kal too. They are expensive new, but are made in the USA. Just make sure what ever you buy, it can read live data not just the codes.
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