2002 Bayside problems

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Jan 29, 2006
We recently purchased a used 2002 Bayside in which the faucet had been leaking. Our local dealer told us the countertop had to be removed in order to repair/replace the faucet, and since the particle board had been soaked it would most likely disintegrate when removed. They quote +/- $500.00 to replace it. Ouch! Any suggestions on what could be done or where we could get a "used" countertop and faucet?

Also, the fridge blows the GFI circuit when turned on. The gas to the fridge also throws a rather impressive flame if you try that method to use the appliance. Again, any and all tips or referrals to "used" equipment would be greatly appreciated.

On the upside, the ABS roof is not compromised and has the support arch mounted under the A/C unit.

We gave $6100, out the door, for the camper and it came with: a big screen room, extra shelves over the bed, three portable plug in lights, 2 with fans, the A/C, 16k heater and a Reese anti-sway bar/hitch. What's your take on the value for the money?

Thanks, and happy camping.

CJ Rodkey
Monroeville, PA

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