2003 hybrid canvas started being wet to the touch on the inside.

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Oct 11, 2012
we just bought this last year and i am all ready wondering if i should have not gone with a hybrid! we just went camping this weekend and the first night the following morning the canvas was wet to the touch on the inside . the second  night the following morning there was beads of water that were just hanging from the inside of the canvas. what is causing this and is there anything i can do to prevent this? i also have a soft spot right in front of the dinette and front bed! i hope the list does not grow of things to do...

thanks in advance!


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Oct 4, 2007
You can buy a waterproofing compound (liquid) and coat the outside of the canvas to seal up any loose weave. However, what you described sure sounds like humidity condensing on the inside.


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Apr 16, 2012
Bartlett, TN
I agree with Stu.

Much of the moisture can even be coming from your breath. A possible reason it was more the second night.
Much like a tent in cold weather without a heater.
If you have a heat source that could remove some humidity, I doubt you will have that issue.

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Used to have a PUP and a tent before that...

We used Scotch Guard on the canvas and other waterproffing compounds.  They did a very good job of shedding rain, HOWEVER when it's cold out and hot and moist inside (From your breath among other things)

Condensation happens.

Since our pup had a sheet aluminum roof/ceiling (no insulation between them, the same sheet was both roof and ceiling) we REALLY noticed it on the metal.

Not so much the canvas (Since the mosture condensed on the metal first) but the canvas would sweat as well.

Short of a de-humidifier/air conditioner.. Not much you can do about it.

I eventually DID install an air conditioner in the pup, Did not do much temp wise but it really cut down on the humidity.  That sucker would pour water on the ground out of the inside of the beast.


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Sep 1, 2006
Florida, USA
  The amount of moisture (Water Vapor) exuded by people sleeping is quite enormous. Think 2 or more people in an enclosed space. It'll be quite enormous.

  In a camper, tent or even a larger RV, without ventilation during sleep time, expect the build-up to be significant. Enough to simulate a rain shower.

  A heater running does not really get rid of the vapor. It's still there. It has to be vented.

  There is a lot of info on the web about moisture problems while camping, more than I can list here. It's just a fact of life. Try to find out how much water is expelled by a human or animal from breathing, you'll be surprised. (You even loose weight while sleeping).

  Nuff said....



Aug 22, 2012
I agree that venting helps.  We have a hybrid, and just opening the window a little bit while you sleep helps alleviate the moisture. 
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