2006 Gulf Stream Stream Lite Series M-19RBH what kind of roof do I have ?

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Jul 29, 2017
I'm trying to find out what kind of roof I have?

I want to wash and clean the complete unit , paying special attention to the roof as I will be applying a white paint sealant on the roof what is a good wash to get all the grease wax and grime off the existing roof now?
The current Gulfstream lites have a vinyl roof, but not sure about a 2006.

Cleaning is easy for any RV roof material - any good outdoor, heavy duty detergent plus a goodly dose of bleach. Use a mild bristle brush to loosen tough dirt from the pores of the material. Rinse well.

To coat over it, however, you need to know what it is.  Why does it need coating?  Most RV roof membranes last 20-25 years or even more. It's the caulk around the seams and openings that leaks.
And actuality , that's the least of my problems but I want to take care of that first.
I have a major back wall issue where it's leaked about 3 in from the back wall so I want to completely customize this RV anyway I want to take the back wall completely down would you experienced peps suggest that I secure it and brace it with beams that are going to be put there or can I take the back wall off completely without any structural weakness
Any and all help would greatly be appreciated.
unless I'm told otherwise I was going to completely secure the wall with another beam in the shape of upside-down U attach it to the floor very very securely and use that to put the new wall attached that too cuz I'm making a different kind of wall I want to make the back of the travel trailer open up as like an awning kind of like a toy hauler but reverse that way the door can be lighter that opens up then if I use it as a ramp to get machines in.
I am completely securing the floor that is not an issue.
So in a sense I almost want the back of the travel trailer wide open if you were to run that down the road I guess you would have to secure and brace up the back where would use the structural integrity of a straight wall should be the strength at that back side of the trailer.
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