2007 jayco 23b buying advice

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Apr 6, 2013
Hi forum!

I am looking to buy my first travel trailer. The wife and I have settled on a 23b floorplan as we think it will be perfect for our young family of four. However the price for a new 23b is around 20k and more than I wanted to spend. Luckily, I found a 2007 23b on Craig's list.  It looks great and at more than half the price of the 2013!

I have been researching a little and it seems that the 2007 jayco trailers (especially hybrids) had some roof issues. Can anyone confirm this for me?  If so what can I do to inspect for leaks before I purchase?  The last thing I need as a virgin TT owner is a leaky roof. :)

Is there any other advice as to what I need to look for to ensure a fully operational and water tight used trailer?


stains. water leaves stains. so if you can see the stain on the corner of the ceiling...water has or is getting in.

I also understand that if there is a front fold down bunk there maybe an issue with the seal around the "door" that will allow rain in while driving. I am not familiar with the 23b in itself, but have a friend that has had several jayco's from the tiny 8 foot pop up to his current with solid slide outs.
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