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Garry G.

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Oct 12, 2012
Hi All,
  This is my 1st post.  I've been looking to trade my 5th wheel on a class A and have been looking at a 2012 Winnebago Vista. The floor plan is nice with the front opposing slides. Any opinions from those of you who own one?  What about the Ford V-10?  One reservation I have is the small shower. It may be a challenge for me at 6'2" and 230. I haven't found a motor home less than 35' with a big enough shower where I comfortably fit. Thanks!


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Apr 9, 2012
Southern New Mexico
We have the Vista 35F, love it. Two bathrooms and a large shower...have you looked at one of these?
We switched from a 5th wheel with a Chev 3500 dually. I have to admit, the Vista took some getting used to engine wise. The first time it downshifted it sure sounded like the engine was coming out of the hood! But after a few thousand miles I have adjusted and learned how to keep it from downshifting  a lot......we would never go back to a 5th wheel now.


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Mar 29, 2012
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Hi Garry...  :)

I just purchased a 2012 Winnebago 'Vista' 27 footer and LOVE it.  I'm 5'10" and find the shower more than adequate in my unit...

My buying experience @ 'Findlay RV' in Vegas was great.  The few discrepancies I found at delivery the dealer repaired at a later date so we could get on the road and get some hours under our belt.

I've learned with the Ford V-12 engine to listen to the engine and watch the RPM's in order to make the shifting transition a lot smoother.

With the 158" wheelbase on my rig, it will turn on a dime...

I highly recommend ANY Winnebago product as long as you find the right length & floorplan to fit your own personal needs...

'Baghdad Bill'    ;D
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