2013 Keystone Springdale 294 landing gear failure

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Jul 24, 2019
Good morning,
I have this camper and the front landing gear motor turns like it should, but it's not engaging the lead screw.  Every now and then it turns it a turn or so, then nothing.  I always lower by hand.  A stripped gear maybe? 

Yesterday, I was lowering the back gear.  It was coming down and then stopped.  I was holding the switch and a bearing fell off from the motor side.  I lowered it by hand and the lead screw is about 6" from the motor.  I'm assuming theres a sheer pin or something that holds it in there and allows it to stay engaged? 

Does anyone have a diagram for this system?  Thanks in advance.


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Oct 4, 2007
Could be a stripped gear but more likely only a broken shear pin. Look along the shaft for a point where the left and right shafts are connected together.
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