2013 thor chateau bypass valve

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Feb 12, 2013
I've had several travel trailers and a diesel pusher, we just recently purchased a 2013 Thor chateau and for the life of me, I can't seem to find the water heater bypass valve. Its not anywhere that I'm used to it being. The coach manual doesn't say and the water heater manual doesn't stay. Any ideas?
As a practical matter, it pretty much has to be adjacent to the water heater.  But it may not have one - the Chateua is typically an economy model and maybe its one of the things they left out.
I would assume it has one because the water heater is hot however we aren't getting any hot water, I can't figure out why we wouldn't be getting hot water thru the lines unless there is a bypass valve
In my Thor Hurricane, the WH bypass valve was behind a panel under the galley sink.  You opened the doors that give access to under the sink, and the lower half of the "cabinet" had a panel held on by a single screw on each end.  As far as not getting hot water, I've heard a few reports where a lack of hot water was caused by the shower head mixing the hot & cold.  If that is the case, ensure that the shower is turned off at the knobs should fix the problem.
You may have a stuck check valve (though the check valve is usually part of a bypass system), or you may have left the shower valves open (water turned off at shower head), which allows cold to crossover to the hot lines.

Can you call Thor Customer Service for help? They shoud be able to tell where they hid the bypass in your particular floor plan.

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