2014 Sunstar added side view cams, etc

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Dec 2, 2018
In forensically examining, repairing, and removing all the P.O. installed stuff, the OEM MobileVision rear view monitor was broken, and he had axed out the rear cam, used the existing wire to install a POS rear cam, and connected that to the camera input to the Pioneer entertainment system, leaving the dead monitor in place. (It was actually worse than that. He installed a second camera right above the trunk door so he could look at his dinghy, and switched between them with a toggle switch on the dash. That wiring was a little janky, so there was ringing,or a standing wave or something on the video lines, leading to some double vision on the monitor.)

While I was working, I figured out hat the Mobilvision was factory wired for turn signal control for side view cameras.

So, I bought a complete identical replacement MobileVision MV130C (with rear and side cameras) from Tim at rvcams.com.

I emailed Winnebago to get the preferred factory mounting locations for the side cameras, only to learn that, on this model, they would have been included in the mirrors.

Anyway, I was lucky in that the original connector was still on the rear cable (after pulling about 20' of other spliced cable from inside the rear eyebrow, what a mess). So, the installation of the rear camera went pretty smooth.

Unfortunately, the connector at the other end, in the dash had been cut off. So, I cut the end off the new cable and spliced it on. The video and audio coax in that cable are the smallest diameter coax I've ever seen, about the diameter of spaghetti. But, with the help of some binocular magnifiers, I got it done and the camera works.

I mounted the side cams right under the mirrors. The left side cable was long enough to not need the extension cable, but the right side did.

Everything works, including turn signal control! Whenever I get some cobblestone touch up paint, I think I'll paint the camera housings.



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John Canfield

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Aug 8, 2006
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Good upgrade. I added a side cam to my Horizon when it was new. The next model year Winnebago started including them as standard equipment (or maybe as an option.)

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