2015 fleetwood storm hydraulic leveler fuse location

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Jan 19, 2015
my fleetwood storm leveling system has suddenly stopped working. the control panel is lit and looks normal. but my jacks don't move at all. i have the em brake on and in park with the engine running. could anyone offer suggestions where to look. for starters i would love to know where the main fuse is located for the system. apparently it is a high amp breaker or fuse. i can't find any info. any help would be appreciated, hate to drop a lot of money service that may be a simple fix. thank you in advance, robert
You will probably get a better answer by letting us know the make and model of the leveling system. Have you tried calling Fleetwood for the location info??
The leveling system is usually direct-wired to the batteries, possibly to the chassis rather than the house.  It may have its own in-line fuse or breaker rather than one in a house or chassis fuse box.

Fleetwood can provide house and chassis wiring schematics if you call and ask.  They will email pdf files or snail-main paper copies.
i have fleetwood number, i'll call on monday. thanks. i'm not sure of the make and model number of system.

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