21 Thor ACE 27.2. Only 4,000+ miles

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Mar 13, 2019
Mount Dora, Florida
hor Motor Coach A.C.E. Model 27.2 is approximately 28 feet 10 inches in length and rides on Fords new chassis featuring a 7.3L PFI V-8, 350HP, 468 ft. lbs. torque engine, a 6-speed TorqShift® automatic transmission, an updated instrument cluster, automatic headlights and a tilt/telescoping steering wheel. A few additional new features for 2021 include an upgraded radio with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, Serta mattress, LED rear taillights and much more. Options include the beautiful partial paint exterior, solar charging system with power controller & SafeTplus steering controller. Home Collection interior and a single child safety tether. The A.C.E. also features a drop-down overhead loft, multiple USB charging ports throughout, Winegard ConnecT Wifi extender + 4G. Roof mounted Dish playmaker satellite with 2 inputs for two Wally receivers & quick release roof mount so you can easily remove satellite dish and mount on ground tripod if desired. Bedroon TV, exterior entertainment center, attic fans, black tank flush, second auxiliary battery, power side mirrors with integrated side view cameras, a mud-room, roof ladder, generator, electric patio awning with integrated LED lights, auto hydraulic living jacks, stainless steel wheel liners, hitch, valve stem extenders, refrigerator, microwave, water heater, one-piece windshield with "20/20 vision" front cap that helps eliminate heat and sunlight from getting into the driver’s vision, cockpit mirrors, slide-out workstation in the dash, floor level cockpit window for better visibility while turning and a "below floor" furnace and water heater helping keep the noise to an absolute minimum and the exhaust away from the kids and pets. Photos don't tell the whole story,


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