2nd (& 3rd) RV Wreck south of Chattanoga on I75

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May 17, 2005
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Re: RV Wreck I 75 March 6 Tennessee

Last Thursday May 12, 2005 my husband and kids and I had a similar accident in this exact same location.  Our ultralite started swaying uncontrollably after coming around a downhill turn and having to slow down a bit because of another car and trailer getting hitched up on a tow truck AFTER HAVING THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPEN WITH THEIRTRAILER AND VEHICLE!!!!!! In EXACTLY the same location as the accident on March 7th.  This is a bad section of freeway.  ITs a down hill turn, that has very limited visability until the turn is complete, at which time the road suddenly straightens out and the angle of incline changes dramatically.  The whole situation was compounded when we had to brake a bit (not dramatically) because of the bottle neck from the other identical accident. 

We were very lucky that allthough the trailer is totaled, and the SUV is damaged, we hit no one (except the trailer against the tow truck a bit) while going backwards and no one hit us and everyone had seat belts on.  It was the scariest thing I have ever been involved in, but couldn't help but think there was something going on here other than how we handled the vehicle.  Especially when 2 of us had the same accident within one hour.  The turn , looking from the side of the road just looked suspicious. 

After getting towed and renting a car, we had to drive that section of the interstate again.  Folks I am here to tell you that there were no less than 7-8 different sets of skid marks on that section or roads from other accidents or near accidents.  Coming back the other direction a few days later, it was almost dramatic to get a look at that turn from another perspective.  There is a problem with this section of road, and there is no warning signs here.  Is any one else familiar with this stretch of road.  I am thinking purhaps the DOT needs to be looking that section of I-75.  That Toad came disconnected because it was fishtailing uncontrollably.  Our travel trailer became disconnected, but only when we came to a stop on the sholder facing the wrongway, and the trailer rolled over in the grass.

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