2nd fuse for panel is where?

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Apr 21, 2005
Auburn, CA or Reno, NV
WRT my panel that shows water levels, generator time, et cetera,  in my 2000 Fleetwood Tioga 24D.  .  . Anyway, here it is, just under the "Samsung" Microwave oven.

When I was working on it for some unrelated problem (replaced one of the switches) many months ago, I accidentally shorted out one of the red A+  battery leads. The panel went completely dead. But I discovered there was two red leads going into the panel, and the other also supplied  12 volts, for whatever reason. I was able to find the fuse that supplies 12  to one of the red leads in the house battery area. The other, I looked everywhere but cannot find a fuse or circuit breaker. This wire runs to the rear of the RV and then seems impossible to trace from there.

So what  I  did was to tie these two red leads together and the panel now works fine, other than the generator usage time stays blank.

IOW,  I  can find the fuse it's now running on to supply power to the two red leads that I shorted together, but I cannot find the other fuse, which should be on the other red lead if they were not shorted together by me.

Could there  be an in-line fuse hidden somewhere? And why is there normally two separate external wires to give 12 volts to the panel?

I thought I knew where every fuse and circuit breaker in the RV was located, but I am obviously missing at least one. Where could it be?

I would like to normal it back up. I am not sure if this is somehow related to my problem that the generator usage time does not show. Everything else on the panel works fine with the two red leads shorted together.

-Don- SSF, CA
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