30 amp circuit breaker question

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Mar 22, 2013
I'm wrestling with a 12volt problem on my trailer and have heard a clicking sound coming from the inline 30 amp breaker.  I replaced it but still it's making this sound.  Can a 30 amp inline circuit breaker (with stud type connections) be installed backwards?  If so, what would happen?

This circuit breaker gets power directly from the battery then distributes it in two directions. 

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
No, the breaker is not directional.  There is no forward or backward.

However, It must be a self resetting breaker if it is clicking (opening and closing).  This would indicate a very healthy current draw.  Try pulling all the fuses from your fuse panel to see if the clicking stops.  If it does, replace them, one at a time, to find the heavily loaded circuit.  Also you said it feeds voltage in "two directions".  Try removing one of these wires to find the offending one.

Further trouble shooting may require a meter or voltage probe.
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