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Feb 25, 2009
  I've been trying to find out who makes a tt with good insulation. We love to travel in northern Mich. and around the Great Lakes. Also planning to visit New England & Canada. Looking for something in the 26'-29' range w/slide. Any suggestions?
We're selling a 2010 Arctic Fox 27T travel trailer. If you email me at [email protected], I'll send you pics and more info. It's in great shape, new awning, new tires, new batteries, flat screen TV, equalizer hitch all included. A great trailer at a great price for $25,000 ($5000 under Nada value). One of the best on the market for colder weather.
We have a Mesa ridge by open range. It definitely stands up to the cold haven't had it in any sort of heat at all. We keep the heat at 66 or 68 and the furnace kicks on and off infrequently. We go thru both propane bottles in right at 2 weeks and that is with me cooking 1-2 meals 7 days a week.
Also we are currently in NE PA  and the weather has been ok but gets down to about 15 2-3 times a week.
Love our Desert Fox Toy Hauler.  Don't let the word Desert fool ya. ;)
No slides though....
We had a 2013 Winnebago One TT. It did really well in the cold. We have stayed in it where a couple nights got down in the high teens and about four nights were in the mid 20s. We would set the thermostat at 55 at night and 71 during the day (mid 40s during the day) and never did anything freeze and the furnace was always able to keep the set temp.
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