419 scams

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John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
I got a new 419 type scam today...

As most of you should know 419 refers to the old scam of "I have this money to move, and I need your help" where they ask you to invest and promise a hugh return.

Of course all you see is a sudden reduction in funds, cause it's a scam

419 refers to Nigeria's penal code article covering this type of activity

Well, I got anoter one of them today,,, This one claims to be from a soldier (Though it not stated I got a "US" feeling from the post and they have some money but need a few people to help, They will move it using diplomatic pouch, and so on and so on.

My copy went straight to [email protected] after clicking on FULL HEADERS so they have the best chance of tracking it down.

Be warned, they have a new varaition on an old plan to steal your hard earned cash
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