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Mar 11, 2019
This is for all the folks trying to keep the older 460 running cool..and more

I have an older conversion, 1994 E350 Shuttle Bus converted to a Personal Motorhome..  It had a long life 180K and well taken care of.  Also pulling a 16' trailer with 6K load.

Few years back I had a rad hose go and cooked it (simmered it)  . I replaced the radiator, all hoses, thermostat, water pump and timing chain housing Since then I struggled with overheat or verge of with temps running 235-245 constantly on highway.

Well I removed transcooler from rad.. for a Jasper remote setup with oversize lines.. Found an OEM New Clutch for fan..  ...Still under heavy pulling in summer she HOT..

I tore into recently, the Radiator I got was a typical aftermarket.. top tank had a small leak,,, so I searched.. these things that require a 1448 Rad are hard to get.
found a Liland Global, All Alum Rad..  well made, reasonable price, Great Fit.. 
I also added a 185 HiFlow Thermostat from a  local speed shop..
WOW What difference..... way better.. 

another good addon was a power master 150 amp one wire altenator.. , my rig had the amublance package with a 230 amp and dual AC compressors..  since i do not have that type of draw on power the 150amp is more than enough..

Replaced the compuer, it always had a funky skip, and idle surge..  found a bad capacitor and got a reman, what i difference, ran a tad cooler and trans shifted way better..

Last thing i need to to do exhaust.. the dreaded manifold leak.. debating on that..

Hope that helps some one in need... 



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Jul 26, 2015
I'm sure it will help someone. Thanks for the write up and welcome to the forum

House Husband

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Jan 26, 2019
I installed an after market radiator in my 95 F53 class A MH. MH run hot! What I found was the OEM radiator had 20 fins per inch where as the aftermarket had 15 fin per inch. That's 25% less surface area for cooling. I repaired the OEM radiator and reinstalled. No more cooling problems. In the era of our MHs, Ford installed radiators of abundant capacity. I suggest you may have had the same issue I did. Thermostats get a lot of blame for issues they don't cause.


Lou Schneider

Site Team
Mar 14, 2005
You may have blown a head gasket when you overheated the engine and this is letting hot exhaust gasses into the cooling system.  Do you see bubbles in the coolant?  Or does the coolant level go,down between overheating sessions? Take off the radiator cap with the engine cold, then let it idle until it comes up,to,operating temperature and the coolant starts to circulate.


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Sep 14, 2016
Check to see if there is a crack around the exhaust pipe where it attaches to the manifold. It can be hidden by the flange.
pretty common problem.
I had a very small crack on the passenger side exhaust manifold. Tried to JB Weld it. No dice.
Replaced the manifold and when taking off the old one was when I discovered the crack in the pipe.
Had a shop take care of that and they double sleeved it so I should have no problems with that part again.
Incredible performance difference when you get those things fixed.
Good luck.

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