5th Wheel Generator Purchase???

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Oct 15, 2006
I have a 5th wheel trailer with a 15000 btu roof air unit.? I am looking into getting a generator and want to make sure I get enough power to run what I need along with a quiet unit.? The generator will be external and I have been looking at the Honda's.? My question is will a 3000EU run the air and allow for power to run the micro or other items?? Would I be better going with two 2000's and using the link?? Any other models or suggestions you have please let me know. Your input is appreciated.


Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
I assume you are talking about the Honda 3000eui, which is the inverter model raher than a mechanical a/c generator.

Yes, the 3000i will generally run an a/c and anything else you need to power. It may depend, though, on what micro you have. The convection oven types can consume a lot of power when in oven mode - up to 20A for some of them. Even then its probably OK, but you might trip a breaker once in awile if the a/c compressor cycles on just as the micro load also peaks.

A typical micro draws around 1000-1500 watts (8-13 amps) and uses about the same power as your a/c. But micros usually don't run along time (2-5 minute sis typical) and the a/c draws max power only when the compressor first cycles on, so there is usually enough power for both. A 4000 watt would eliminate the marginal times, though, an dleave some extra for tv, converter/charger, etc.

Make sure you can actually use the full 3000 watts with your trailer hook-up.  A trailer with a 30A power cord can only plug to a 120VAC outlet and many generators only deliver full power to a single outlet via the 240V receptacle. If you have a 50A power cord on your rig, it can plug to a 240V outlet (with a suitable adapter).


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Jun 28, 2005
Boise, Idaho
I was browsing the latest Camping World magazine that showed up yesterday and noticed that Onan has a hitch mounted Genny from 3600 to 4000 watts.  It has a charging feature and a receptacle for a 30A RV cord.  It even comes with telescoping legs for stability.  This unit may have been out there for a while but had a "New" balloon by the ad...may be worth looking into.  If I remember right the price was around $3K+...
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