5th wheel slide help

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New member
Jan 2, 2006
hi all

just bought a 5th wheel and i need to know how to pull the slide on a 1986 teton rv out to repair it, the slide where the windows are botu 1/2 inch below the windows the paneling has been taken off and the floor is missing. I need to know how to remove the slide from this unit so i can repair it!!!!

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
It's hard to guess without knowing the type of slide mechanism.  There are several different types (hydraulic, rack & pinion, cable) and several manufacturers whose designs have changed over the years, so there is quite a variety.  Can you better describe what you have?

Today the RV manufacturers generally buy the slide mechanism from a component supplier, so the slide may have its own brand name. However, slides were a new thing back in 1986 and what you have may be Teton's own design. Or it may be a retrofit, added afeter the trailer was built.
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