5th wheel Slide out water leak

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Aug 12, 2006
I need some help.  Just upgraded to a 5th wheel Sandpiper 315BHT.  I drove home from the dealer ( a 10 hour drive ) from home and discovered that the carpet was wet in two different areas around two of the slide out rooms.  I did an inspection and see nothing out of the ordinary and cannot determine what to do.  I am along way from the dealer so I am looking to make repairs as required.

I must also say that I was driving through a major rain storm on the way home. It rained very heavy for 4 hours.

Do all slide rooms leak under extreme conditions ?  Is there anything to inspect or look for ?


Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
No, they should not leak under those conditions, though it perhaps was extreme.  With the slide part way out, look at the outer and inner edges and see if you can see/fell where the rubber molding has come loose from the sidewall.

Notify the selling dealer and also the manufacturer. Tell them you are traveling (that's what Rvs are for, right?) and need warranty service where you currently are, not back at the selling dealer. They should locate another Sandpiper dealer for you to take care of the problem under warranty.


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Jan 22, 2006
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
On my 5yr old Idletime I have never had a leak or a problem with the slides.  We have driven in some very wet weather.  I'd definitely speak to someone about it as RV Roamer states.  Good luck!
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