5W Partner Tool Box

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Dec 6, 2005
Memphis TN
I've just about given up finding anything on the web. I am looking for a polypropolene (hard plastic) partner type tool box for my truck that mounts between the 5W hitch and tail gate. The least expensive 'partner' type box I've found is $320 at a local truck specialty store. It's roughly 56" wide, 16" deep and 11" high, but made of aluminum. I have found 'chests' by Delta that are great deepth and height wise, but severly lacking in width. I can't use those 'neat' boxes that mount behind the tire well as they open to the top and would interfer with my roll up tonneau. The aluminum is a priority as the box will seldom see the elements unless I have my 5W. I'm hoping that possibly someone here has seen or heard of something like I'm looking at, otherwise, it's off to Home Depot, 3/4" plywood, sealer paint, piano hinges, etc. I could build what I want for less that $100, but my wife isn't too keen on the idea.

I've seen the heavy plastic cross-over boxes for the front of the beds, so I would have assumed that someone would have made a 'partner' box, but so far I've totally sturck out.

One thing I did find in my 'browsing' is a box/tonneau cover combination from J.C. Whitney, but since I already have a cover, and their $800 price tag .....

Thanx in advance

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