7710 Gas valve used with older CCI Controls LP Gas Detector

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Apr 2, 2013
I just bought an '89 Tioga on a Ford 350 chassis. The truck runs great, but the RV systems are giving me conniptions. For example, the LP gas detector and the CCI control valve model 7710 gas valve it controls. I am thinking of just bypassing the gas detector, I checked and the valve works, but the instructions say to not leave it connected to 12v for more than 10 mins. What voltage is the valve supposed to run on? Thanks.
The valve coil is 9 volts DC. There is a guy that is repairing the old CCI propane detectors. He can be contacted at, [email protected].  His first name is Larry.

You can remove the valve. newer RV's don't use it any more. Just make sure the gas detector works properly.
Thanks all for replies. I am tired of working with the wiring and came to the same conclusion, remove the valve. I'll look into whether I feel confident doing it myself or have to have professionals do it.
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