84 c30 enough to pull a decent size camper?

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May 9, 2006
Hello all, I am new hear. I currently have a 92 astro pulling a 74 Amerigo 14ft fiberglass trailer. The setup works good, but would like to someday upgrade both the tow rig and tailer. I first need to buy a truck that will tow a camper big enough to sleep 4 adults and two dogs.

Anyone use a c30 to tow with? The one I am looking at today has a 350 and an auto, not a dually either.

thanks in advance


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Mar 3, 2005
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Hi Bill,

Welcome to the RV Forum!

To use an old cliche, you may want to "put the cart before the horse' in your case. It would be better to find the trailer or 5th wheel rig that meets your needs and then find a tow vehicle to pull it. That way you won't end up with a new truck that isn't up to the task of hauling the trailer. Knowing the weights and ratings of the trailer beforehand willl help immensely in deciding which truck is best for you. Adding a proper hitch (5th wheel or towbar) can be problematic in some cases, so it's best to know up front what you will be dealing with, and get the right stuff installed right away.

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Mar 14, 2005
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Karl's advice is good.? ?Unless you have a special need in a tow vehicle (eg. 4WD, van, long bed pick up) chose the trailer you love and then the tow vehicle to pull it.? ?If you are really hot for a particular tow vehicle, maybe a 4WD SUV, then you are going to have to pick among the trailers with weights that suit it -- in the case of the 4WD SUV, that will be a light weight travel trailer.

So, go to RV dealers and sample floor plans.? ?Consider things like bed arrangements, toilet and shower usability, gear storage, battery capacity, dining arrangements, etc..? ? Try to get a feel for what you would like.? Your lady should be with you.? ?The way things usually spit up in a trailer, the man does the blue chores:? hitching, tank filling and emptying, jack setting, and such.? ?Women do the pink chores:? bed making, interior cleanng, and such.? ?The lady will want to spot things like does the main bed have walk around space on three sides to aid in making it.

Once you have come to a clear idea of what you want in floor plans and have several models in mind along with their weights, start loolking for the tow vehicle to fit -- and the hitching system to tow with.  Use the Trailer Life tow rating tables (www.tralierlife.com)to aid your research -- it is a rare auto salesman that has any idea about tow ratings.  They will give you a "yeah sure" every time.

Good luck.
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