91 Itasca Quirk or Common?

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Nov 12, 2006

My wife and I just spent our first overnight in our 91 Itasca 34 foot class A (chevy 454). We had a great time except for one little item. On our 120 mile trip we noticed that when we headed up hills and tried to keep a reasonable speedl the check engine light would come on and the engine would rev and then quickly "re-ingage" and we would continue.

On the way to our destination it happened a couple of times and then on the way home I slowed down (45mph 50 and 55) and it only happened once.

Is this a safety item for the engine and or trannny or do I have a problem? It is a little concerning as I was planning on towing a car behind the motorhome but I don't know if people behind me would appreciate how slow I may have to go.

I've had small class C's and a couple of trailers but this is my first Class A.


Mike M.


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Jan 22, 2006
I for one would suggest changing transmission fluid 1st and foremost and then check out your EGR valve.  Also possible to have a vaccuum leak in the emissions system.  Never had a Chev powered RV but on A Ford when the light started coming on, to clear the fuel line and EGR system I bought  a tank full of Premium Fuel and added 6 cans of Fuel line and emission cleaner and run it hard.  The light came on more than usual but then when I refueled it seemed to have cleared it up.  Won't tell you what to do , but that's what I did. It worked for me.  Just did the same thing on our older car.  It seems to be the result of constantly using regular unlead fuel.  When you don't drive them a lot and keep them hot , perhaps they lacquer up.  At Least that
s the way I look at it.
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