93 VW Cabrolet

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Apr 8, 2005
Mount Olive, NC
I purchased a 93 VW Cabrolet with the idea of towing it behind my RV on a dolly. It is a 5 speed. I do NOT have an owner's manual with this vehicle to get the info that I need about towing it.
Can anyone help me?
1. Can it be towed on dolly with front wheels on dolly.
2. Leave in neutral?
3 What about the key? Leave it in so the stedring wheel doesn't lock? Problem, radio etc is still on if key in ignition. Will battery run down?
This car was a salvaged car that was restored. It is getting 34 miles to the gallon! I have been driving it around to do errands wince the price of gas went up! Now I am going to Penn on Sunday so need the questions answered! Wasn't planning to originally pull the car but now need too!
Any guidance appreciated!!!
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