97 F350 brake control question

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Apr 19, 2006
We are getting ready to install our 5er hitch in our new used 97 F350 truck.  I read some place that Ford installed the wires for the brake controller as standard, but how we confirm this on our truck?  What do we look for?  The hubby stopped at the local rv service desk, but they won't answer anything unless the truck is in their shop.  Our plan is to buy the controller off of e-bay to save a few bucks and have camping world install everything for us.  (we originally bought the hitch from them for our old truck)


Carl L

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Mar 14, 2005
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Brake controller?? E-Bay?? You gotta be kidding.? ?Buy the trailer on E-Bay, s?.? ?Brake controller you buy new from the guy who will install it.? Some things are really important and need undivided responsiblity in quality and installation.? Brake controllers are important.? Really important.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
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Brake controllers are pretty rugged, but I'd probably buy a new one too, to make sure I had all the parts and a good working unit. Think of it as an investment - it should last you a lifetime. I highly recommend the Tekonsha Prodigy controller - one of the finest controllers on the market anywhere. Shop around for a discount price. Installing one yourself is not a tough job for a handyman - the Tekonsha manual is a good one.

MarksRV.com has a wiring reference that describes the Ford factory harness. You might be able to identify the appropriate wires on yours, if so equipped. See:  MarksRV.com-wiring
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