'98 Bounder window problem

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Jul 22, 2005
The side front windows have badly fogged, evidently the seal has broken. Fleetwood has not responded to my correspondence, as I am not the original owner. Has anyone had this problem, and corrected by fleetwood? Is there a way to inject air between the glass to unfog? What is the price of new windows? It os surely a safety issue. Thanks for your help. ???

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
At my Silver Springs FL home
Your warranty has long since expired, whether you were the original owner or not, so the window problem is yours to solve.  Most any Fleetwood dealer can get you a price on replacement windows - Fleetwood will not sell parts direct to others.  But I suspect that most any glass shop could also handle the job - RV windows are pretty simple and most of them come from the Hehr window company anyway.  Don't know about the potential cost - just get some estimates and see.

I know of no way to repair dual pane glass once it is fogged.  You might be able to drive the moisture out, but it will come right back when the weather changes.


Jan 13, 2005
I had an automtive glass company replace a large side window on a Fleetwood motorhome because someone had broken the window to get in. I had a windshield replaced at the same time, both paid directly by my insurance company, so I don't know the price breakdown of each. But it confirms one of Gary's suggestions of using a glass company.
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