A kudo for a manufacturer (Don't hear of many of those do we?)

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Jun 11, 2005
Hope this is in the right section.  We always hear about lousy service, less than scrupulous dealers and manufacturers but once in a while it is nice to say something good about one.  A tongue jack, Atlantic DHL Inc model 1RVJ-JRE, has been giving me some problems for the past few months.  It sometimes decided it would not work.  Because of an overload circuit in the unit and hearing a pop or crack when it decided not to work, I assumed that the motor was pulling too much current and the breaker was doing its job.  I would wait for a time and it always worked again.  Testing the current draw found that it was  not taking anywhere near the limit of the breaker, a 15 amp.  My next move was to wire in a 15 amp fuse bypassing the breaker to see if it were faulty and to my surprise, the jack failed occasionly the same way, with a crack or popping noise.  No evidence of arcing and I was getting frustrated.  The jack, only 3 years old and used only a few times a year, maybe a dozen times or so and a previous electric jack lasted thru two trailers for a total of 20 years.  I contacted the company in Atlanta, Ga. and informed them and had a bit of cordial discussion about the unit.  Ultimately they decided to ship me a new jack free of charge with the only condition that I return the old drive unit to them.  I agreed and they did as they said and it arrived yesterday.  It works so far and I will send them the old one right after the holiday.  Both this company and Marshall Brass have been cooperative about complaints of their products and should be congratulated for it.  Now if either of the problems arise with the replaced units, it probably is a design or quality control problem.  Both the jack and the LP hoses are manufactured out of the USA.  I am not a fan of imports but not much is made here any longer.   
Thanks for sharing the happy story.  When a company comes through, they deserve the same amount of word of mouth publicity as when a company disappoints us.

On what trailer is the hitch?
The trailer is a Cedar Creek 36RLBS.  Previous electric tongues jacks that I've had were manufactered by Atwood and I had exceptionally good service from them.  This trailer came equipped with the Atlantic DTH jack. Still not sure where the noise came from but I assume they will find it and let me know.  Warranty from Cedar Creek was very good for the items that failed.  Of course, all of those items were handled by the dealer.  Some were done by the dealer and a couple of things done while away from the dealership but no problem being reimbursed.  Having been in business myself I always told my customers to tell me first if they had or  perceived a problem.  If I didn't take care of it, then they can complain about it to others.  You cannot take care of a problem if no one informs you of it. 

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