A new TV antenna option?

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Aug 25, 2009
I saw an advertisement yesterday for the new Winegard RAYZAR antenna.  If you haven't seen it yet, it's a portable antenna that looks like a thin piece of plastic about 12" x 18" and gets hung in a window with suction cups.  It plugs into your TV, is amplified and receives HD.  It is $75.  It sure would be convenient and I just wonder about it's capability.  Anybody tried one of heard from somebody who has? 
Much the same antenna (Different paint jobs) is sold under many names.

It works if you are in a strong signal area.. If you are in a more "Remote" area it  likely won't make you happy.

One thing about TV antennas.. Generally (not always) HEIGHT IS MIGHT.

That is up to the point where the increased gain from more altitude is offset by the increased cable loss (use RG six and that is a few hundred feet at least) the higher it is the farther the antenna sees.  I have one park I stay at where I'm considering a long range antenna on top of my flag pole (25 feet) but I really need 50 feet there.

Oh, when it comes to that statement "height is might"  I proved it, posted the proof some years ago.  (Basically I took a 1 watt hand held 2-way radio up around 250 feet and beat out either 40 watts at 30 feet or 30 watts at 40 feet (Forget which)  The other station was close enough for me to see h is house, but I made the trip and he did not).
Last year we turned off the Directv and I was looking at antennas. Most looked like what was on the roofs before and got so so reviews for what they cost. While researching I found some links on home made antennas, one used a dvd jewel case and large binder clips. I had everything needed but didn't think it would work since we live 50 miles from the TV antennas. I slapped one together and set it above the TV, hit search and picked up 50 channels. Now instead of one large antenna with a amplifier and lots of wires, I have one of these jewel case antennas on each TV. I plan on building a bigger one with a ply base for the trailer that will go on a extension pole. 

This is the video on the clip antenna. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDg5DR58dUQ  There is a part two.
JiminDenver said:
This is the video on the clip antenna. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDg5DR58dUQ  There is a part two.

I gotta try this one!  Watched both parts 1 and 2.  When I start going up to the TT come nicer weather, this would be a fun and inexpensive project to try being out in the boonies.  Going to make some minor improvements (soldered contacts and such) upon the video and see what happens.

Might be a little while before I start going to the TT on a regular basis, but I would be glad to post any results I come up with.  If anyone is interested.

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