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Apr 21, 2013
Gloucester Point, VA
  It's always been a dream of mine to travel and see everything that this country, this world, has to offer.  The sad truth is, I have lived in Virginia all of my life, and I can count the number of times I've had the chance to go on a 'vacation' on my hands, the number of times I've even left the state on one.  I've read up a lot about living in a van/RV, how to manage the lifestyle, find jobs along your travels, really just how to live out of a rolling box, and when the opportunity reared it's head, I saw the opening.  I managed to nab myself a 1991 Ford E250 Econoline with an over the roof top already on it for next to nothing.  Aside from a bad alternator, this gutted van is mechanically sound and it'll be my job to build the trimmings of my future home the way I see fit.
  I'm no mechanic, I'm no electrician, I'm just a young man with a goal right now, and I have about a thousand questions I'm going to need to ask along this journey so I'll start out by saying thank you in my salutation, because I've already read through other posts and after seeing the information and encouragement left for others, I'm convinced this isn't a mere pipe dream.
You have a rare oppourtunity, that is to build a personalized RV. I think I would go to RV shows and dealers and look at the smaller RVs and see what features you want and how to build them. Then find a RV grraveyard for appliances. Some auto junkyards have one or two RVs setting around. I had started on a bus conversion, and then life got in the way (torque fracture of my right femur and off work for six months). I sold it to buy unimportant stuff, like groceries. I am now full time in a ready made 5th wheel.
Please post pictures of your progress and I wish you the best.
Thanks!  I have actually managed to catch a few RVing seminars done by some of the local sellers, and got to check out the layouts and designs.  I have a vision in my head, I just need to set it up to bloom.  As far as auto salvage goes, the only junk yard I've managed to find near by is a pick-n-pull in Virginia Beach.  I haven't gone yet, planning on a trip next week.  Aside from that, I have had no luck on finding any junk yards.  Any time I search for nearby ones in Google, all I seem to pull up are used parts stores.
Look in our "Resources " tab up top. there are some salvage yards in there. They may not be near you but some will ship parts.
Hi Robert, you might get a kick out of this guy's blog: http://www.tosimplify.net/
He has been traveling and working and living a simple life out of a Class B. He recently decided to try going even smaller and is in the process of converting a van for FT living.
Good luck and have fun!
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