A seat cover option from Wal Mart?

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Nov 6, 2012
Hudson Beach, FL
Like a lot of "older" coaches, my captain's chairs leave a little to be desired in the looks category.  And, since I'm going to all this effort to spruce up the rest of the girl, they are going to stick out like a sore thumb;

Who knew that when mauve faded it turned reddish/orange?  Seats are in good mechanical condition..just ugly.  And, since my MH is getting up there in years, I didn't think she justified over $1000 for new seats up front.  My next option was to search the Camping Outfitters and I found a few options around $50.00 per seat, but no way of knowing if they fit and there was shipping to consider.  I also found the "Closeout Sale" over at Camping World, but they didn't get great reviews.  So, since the wife seems to be constantly sending me to Wal Mart for this or that, I decided to browse the automotive section.  What I found was a pair of seat covers for under $35.00 labeled "Truck/Van".  And, since they have such a good return policy there I figured I'd buy them but save the receipt.  Much to my liking, however, they're going to be keepers;
In the 2nd picture, they are not zipped up on the sides in this picture.  They have a zipper down each side to accomodate built-in seatbelts.  Obviously there's no armrest covers so I'll need to sew a couple of those.  Also, there are a couple of "openings" where the old seat is showing through so I think I'll get some spray dye to match in those areas.
On the back, the biggest drawback is it's covers up the seatback pocket.  I plan to remove them from the original seats and sew them into the cover as I find those pockets to be pretty handy for maps, etc.
They're made for seats that are a little taller, but I was able to tuck the extra material up top into the cushion where it meets the back, so if you've got taller buckets, they might work for you too.  If you try this route, just remember to look for the "Truck/Van" label on the box.

All in all, I think they look pretty good for covers and more importantly, they match the new paint and floor coverings going in (which I'll post pictures when that project is completed).  I just thought I'd share now in case anyone else was looking for an inexpensive alternative to their two upfront seats.  Happy remodeling!


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emoney:  I had asked about these seat covers, on another forum, I think.........and now I can't locate that forum.  You were going to visit your RV and look for the package. 

If I'm not losing my mind......would you post the info here.  Thank you.
Sure will, Yadda.  I think it was on irv2 (dot) com, btw.  The part # from Wal Mart is 5078571-Tan.  Alpine Seat Covers and the box says "Big Truck".  I'd post the pictures I put up over there but they're stored on my laptop at home.  If you need them, let me know and I'll put them up.

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