Absorption Refrigerator Seminar 2014 Quartzsite Rally

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Betty Brewer

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Mar 10, 2005
Twenty two members of the 2014 Quartzsite Rally attended a 2 hour seminar this afternoon given by  Paul Unmack.  Paul has a background in foreign automotive repairs and holds a degree in  mechanical engineering.  His lifelong camping experiences have taken him into the wild back country where a cold beer is always wanted and welcome!

His purpose was to  educate  us on the mechanics of an absorption refrigerator and how the cooling works.  I learned  more than I  ever thought I wanted to know about how an RV refrigerator cools!  His hands on props ( a percolator coffee pot) helped me  understand. He gave examples of how being off level can effect the cooling of an RV refrigerator.

He has recently filed a  patent for  a device that offers monitoring of the  boiler temperature.  If/when the  boiler temperature is exceeded by certain parameters, the controller unit will shut down the  refrigerator avoiding the overheating wear and tear on refrigerator and eliminating the possibility of damage.

He uses a red white and blue logo.  He commented many times on the ethics of business and wanting to achieve the goal of offering customer service, training and problem solving techniques  for owners. The  control device he offers is a preventative  maintenance item.  I am not an engineer but  I enjoyed his  presentation and  I learned many many things.

His business is called ARP .  Absorption Refrigeration Protection Control . His  web site is

He seems very knowledgable and I thank him for his time and information.


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Feb 12, 2006
Many of us have been following Gary's discussion and then some of us met Paul at the Indio FMCA rally earlier this month.  It is the same person.

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