Accessing Dash A/C Evaporator and Expansion Valve

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Mar 3, 2017
NW Illinois
Diagnosing my dash A/C problem led me to a bad Expansion Valve. I looked high and low on the web for instructions on getting to this part but couldn't find anything. It appeared that it may be a major undertaking. After digging into it the job proved to not be so bad.

Here's what it took:

1.  Remove Passengers Captain Chair - 4 bolts.  (May not be absolutely necessary for younger, more nimble bodies!)

2.  Remove Passenger Table and Drawer - standard drawer slide release clips. (Gives better access)

3.  Remove Passenger Kick Panel - 4 screws and 120v outlet.

4.  Remove Evaporator Coolant Lines - access from under the front hood. (Assuming here that you have legally removed the 134a.)

5.  Unplug numerous harness connectors around evaporator housing

6.  Remove 5 screws around evaporator housing

7.  Pull evaporator unit out with blower attached.

This part of the system is installed by the coach builder so yours may not be identical but I imagine most would be similar.

Oh, if you are wondering if the new expansion valve fixed the problem I will tell you that I have a very good used one in inventory now.  ;)



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