Added new outlet to exterior

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Ill have some pics tomorrow.

I did add my new ($49) electrical plugin to the outside of the slideout.  The outside plugin is a three prong male with flip up lid.  It is wired to a normal outlet inside the RV which i mounted pretty much next to it on the other side of the wall. 

The purpose is so that i can run a short extension cord from the RV park electrical portal 15amp to the side of the RV.  Then on the inside i can plugin in my battery backup for the computer and stuff. 

This keeps the computer on its own circut so that when the AC cycles, it does not cause a surge which sets off the alarm on the backup unit, just imagine that beeping at you every 5 min or so, drove me nuts. 

Prior to this new outlet (for almost a year now) i had a heavy guage cable running from the slidout over the sofa and down through the floor and out the corner of the storage compartment door which i had to partially leave open and duct tape it to keep water out.

Now those cables are gone and that storage door is buttoned up tight, its warped a bit now but it should go back into place i think after awhile. 

Now i can start slowly insulating here and there getting ready for winter.


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Apr 21, 2014
I did the same thing, to use a second space heater. Sure beats running the extension cord through the slide.


+1 happy

thanks rene...

here are some pics, i still need to clean up the silicone but at least this time i remembered to mask off the area around it so it would be clean looking.

I did put some roof paper over it just as an extra precaution to help keep water out, when i move ill remove that paper.



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Rene T said:
it looks like factory installed only better.  ;) :)  Thanks for the pictures.  :)) :))

I was a RV factory worker in my previous life :)
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