Adhesive for PVC Roof

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Apr 14, 2024
Any issues with re-gluing my PVC roof after pulling it off OSB? Details: New RV’er. Bought RV with roof damage and removed the white membrane and repaired the damaged OSB. Bought PVC Roof kit from Amazon. Tried to put PVC roof on, but realized it had too many “lumps” and “creases” so pulled it up before the adhesive dried and waited a month to see if the heat would pull out some of the creases. Ordering new gallon of adhesive, but read on this forum that possibly it won’t stick with the old adhesive on? Pics of the adhesive that we are buying, the roof mid-repair, and the original kit we bought. Any advice would be helpful.


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I tried to find something on it but nothing definitive came up. I'd call the RecPro folks before assuming anything.
I also would call RecPro, but since I own one, I'd probably take my belt sander and remove a lot of the old glue.
Titebond makes a PVC Trim adhesive but it's in a squeeze tube so not handy for an entire roof. Some sort of brush-on adhesive would be easier.

Dicor makes a PVC adhesive - check this out:

This company offers a wide variety of adhesives for plastic-like materials, including PVC sheet.
Dicor has very good product support. For their products they can tell you what will work and what won't. It is the Dicor support people who told me that the water based adhesives will never dry properly if put on over old adhesive, as the water has to migrate off into the wood in order for the curing process to happen. Its a small amount of water, not enough to hurt the wood, but existing adhesive has sealed the wood and prevents it from migrating into the wood.

If you watch videos on recovering roofs what is usually done is to add a layer of the extremely thin Luan plywood using construction adhesive and a nail gun. Of course doing this adds weight, and thickness so that much of the edge trim no longer fits back into place.

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