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Mar 9, 2005
Home base-Kernville, CA
Hi All,? (warning long)

Whew, Tim and I have been busy!? We left on Sept 1st and put 6,000 miles on the coach going from San Diego to the Midwest and back home.? We were here two weeks then went up to central California for a week to help take care of our granddaughter and are now back home.

I thought you all might like to read of a couple of our adventures.? The first 2/3 of our trip was spent visiting family throughout, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.? After that we took off for Arkansas and the drive back across the south and southwest for home.

I don?t know if any of you will remember, but I posted a question about our King dome Satellite.? Well, everyone was right, it was the cable.? Tim removed the splitter and tightened all connections and the darn thing worked the first time.? We took care of that problem within the first days of the trip.

Tom and other fly fishing enthusiasts, you?re gonna love this!? We hired a guide while we were in the Ozarks so that we could get onto the White River for a day trip.? The White River is well known for great trout fishing.? Little did we realize that the guide we hired was not a fly fisherman; so he told us to leave our fly rods at home.? Being from the Midwest and familiar with casting rods, we said what the heck, we?ll give it a try.?

We climbed into his boat early in the morning and had our limit within an hour or so.? After that it was catch and release.? However, the technique was a new one for us.? When we were settled in the boat, he rigged up a small lightweight spinning rod for me.? On the end he had 2 power bait balls and room left on the hook for a ?meal worm?.? About 18 inches up from the hook was a weight.? I cast out and had a trout within a minute or two.? For Tim he rigged up a similar set up, but put a LARGE night crawler on it instead of the power bait/meal combination.? The guide told Tim ?you?re fishin? for the big ones?.the browns. (all said in a southern accent, I might add)? Once the spinning rig was ready to go, we noticed when he opened the bait box to pull out the night crawler that it reeked of garlic.? Apparently he had soaked them in garlic over night.? I?m here to tell you?.IT WORKED.? We had a ball, caught nearly 40 fish for the day, keeping our limit.? At lunch he put us ashore and we had what is called an Arkansas ?shore lunch?.? It consisted of deep fried trout, deep fried French fries, deep fried hush puppies and ?little Debbie cakes?.? I knew I was back in the South!? (deep grin).? Ron and Sam, it sure shot our low carb diet.

After a week in the Ozarks, we spent a few days getting to Santa Fe, NM.? This was a Sunday and as we parked and leveled, the jacks made some weird sounds.? The next day, we decided to re-level and the jacks went bezerk, sending the rear of the coach on the left hand side, straight into the air, lifting the coach wheel off the ground at least a foot.? We got the jacks back down, pulled in the slide and took a breath.? Since we were near the end of the trip, we decided to head for home and have the coach looked at at home rather than on the road.? Long story short, either the manufacture or the dealer had left the cap off of the reservoir for the hydraulic fluid. The system became contaminated and the pump sluggish.? The cap doesn?t look like a cap and the darn thing has been rolling around in the hydraulic compartment since we bought the coach.? We thought it was some time of equipment to manually bring the jacks up/down incase the automatic system failed.? (dummies that we are).? None of this is covered under the warranty and we are going after the manufacturer and the dealer to take care of it.

So that part of the trip was not fun, however I?m ever so grateful it didn?t happen at the beginning of our trip.

We have marked the Quartzsite trip on the calendar and will be there.? Is there a problem with inviting non-forum friends to join in?




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Feb 1, 2005

Good to hear from you again.  It appears you had a fun, if eventful, trip.  Looking forward to seeing you at QZ again.  Feel free to bring your friends, the more the merrier.


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Jan 29, 2005
Home is where we park it
Sound like you had a great trip over all even if you did over do the Carbs.  Thanks for the report.  Get any photos for posting?


Jan 13, 2005
Thanks for the report Masha. Your fishing trip with the guide made me jealous. Sorry about the problem with the jacks though. Hope you get the problem fixed OK.
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