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Apr 2, 2024
Hello All,
I have a Winnebago question. I own a 2006 Vectra and I’m having an issue with one of the slides. The passenger side in the bedroom opens perfectly but after a period of time it will creep in several inches. I have to re-extend several times a day during a stay. Is this a solenoid issue? Anyone else experience this?

Thank you.
Hydraulic or electric (rack & pinion) slide? Sorry, I'm not familiar with an '06 Vectra so have to ask. Hydraulic slides are known to do that as pressure bleeds thru a valve. Electric motor slides would have a different problem.
Hi Gary,

They are hydraulic. I was suspecting the solenoids having an issue. Wasn’t sure if there was another fix. I replaced one, cost $225 didn’t fix the issue. May have been the wrong one.

This might be simple thermal expansion / contraction if the hydraulic lines or pump are located near the engine exhaust or other heat sourced.
I would think you have either a leak in that part of the system or valve that is leaky. I believe that the system needs to maintain pressure in the line for the slid to stay out. Check out and check out your system.
This might be simple thermal expansion / contraction if the hydraulic lines or pump are located near the engine exhaust or other heat sourced.
That's highly unlikely, the lines and pump aren't close to the engine.

Welcome to the forum. My 05' Horizon never had the bedroom slide creep out or in. My guess is the solenoid as well.
If this repair is delayed and you become concerned about rain, bugs, etc. sneaking in through the partially closed slide you could cut lengths of wood the same length as the distance from the outside of the RV body to the "inside" of the extended slide (make a brace to hold it out). DANGER: if you do add the braces (one to each side of the slide) you should pull the fuse for the slide control so that you do not inadvertently activate the slide and destroy the system when it tries to pull it but is stopped by the braces. Oh, and if you're like me put a note on the switch so you're reminded to pull the braces and replace the fuse!

Some folks end up doing a similar "brace" set up when their slides creep OUT while travelling.
There's rubber flaps (seals, gaskets, whatever term you prefer) that push against the four sides of the bedroom slide that should keep out any unwanted things.
HWH has many different models of their leveling system, this PDF will help you ID yours. When you have your model#, just run a search for your HWH model# service manual. It has an excellent troubleshooting section.
I too suspect the retract solenoid valve is leaking., but another cause can be air in the lines. Make sure the reservoir is full to within 1" of the fill opening (or dipstick mark) when everything is retracted. It takes Dextron III or HWH clear fluid.
It might require more than one complete cycle of everything to purge the air. Then fluid level will remain constant when all air is gone.
added. This might also help:
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