Afraid of BYD's EVs?

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If I did the math right, this means California EVs no longer cost less per mile than a conventional car. According to Google the Model 3 uses 0.24 kWh per mile. That's 12 cents a mile with "fuel" costing 50 cents per kWh. At $5 gallon and 20 MPG a conventional car will match that. A 30 MPG car will go 50% further per dollar of fuel.
Yeah, you cannot win this here in CA, unless one gets a lot of use at the still available many free to use AC charge stations on the road. Such as I often do in Truckee & Colfax when I want to take a break between here and Reno on my electric motorcycles.

And a fast charge here in Auburn is around 65 cents per KWH, so an ICE car can be a lot cheaper in this area.

But I have no reason to use a fast charger in this area. Unlike gas stations, close to home fast chargers are usually useless. For my two EV cars, any DCFC within a couple of hundred miles is useless to me. It's only 99.0 miles between here and my Reno home, driveway to driveway. So I usually have no need to charge on the road and still can get free charging at a couple of places on the way, if I want to take a break for a while.

BTW, I really like to take a break at the Tahoe/Truckee Airport when I am hungry. Last time I was there I had a very delicious lamb curry burrito at the airport restaurant there as I was getting my free charge. Possible to get 30KWH for free there in two hours, but not with my motorcycle's 6.6 KW AC charger. First two hours is a free charge regardless of how many KWHs used. $3.00 per hour after two hours, again regardless of how many KWHs are used.

-Don- Auburn, CA
That's the thing; EV growth has slowed since the height of last year, but EV sales are still...growing! Ford just posted a great month for EV's. It's Tesla that's taking it in the shorts. Space Karen isn't the only game in town anymore.
EV demand/preference has declined from 20% in 2022 to 18% in 2023 according to Reuters.
EV demand/preference has declined from 20% in 2022 to 18% in 2023 according to Reuters.

You're welcome to quote your sources, however, I see that 2023 US EV sales topped 1.2 Million, and 2022 US EV sales were over 900k but well under a million.

Q2 2024 is closing out here soon, and then we'll have a good picture for the first half of 2024.
11.3 cents per KW here in North Florida. Last weekend I used a friends lot on the river for 32 hours. Just for chuckles, electric meter was checked on arrival and departure, used 33 kw as weather temperature was HOT. That comes to $3.73
(caught plenty of fish and mess of crayfish)
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