AIMS Global Low Freq Inverter is Converter friendly ... I think!

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Aug 2, 2018
I am in the early stages of installing my new upgraded electrical system in my Jayco 2018 Hummingbird RK19. The AIMS Global LF inverter appears to be capable of 'friendly' living with an converter (and a solar controller/charger). This model also has a robust (up to 115A 4-stage) charger. If anyone has experience with this model of AIMS, please jumpin and offer suggestions. I certainly need some reassurance).

I say this because the AIMS Global LF model(s) sports internal automatic transfer switching (10mS) when 'shore power' is lost, ie., AC mode and a Inverter mode, with electrical utility priority or battery priority set-up. This includes auto neutral to ground switching set-up. The 120VAC section has both 120VAC Input and a 120VAC Output terminals, where the 120VAC Input is a 120VAC presence sensor. When it transfers to Inverter mode, the 12VDC to 120VAC is passed out the 120VAC Output, replacing the lost shore power.. It seems the main 'trick' to set-up with a converter in the system, is NOT to tie the 120VAC Output to the same point where the 120VAC Input is taken. There is a 15s delay when shore power is sensed back on-line, and auto switches back.

Anyone already installed a similar AIMS inverter w/ a converter in the system? Solar Charger in the system? Both?



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Feb 2, 2005
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Why does it have to be converter-friendly if the AIMS has its own charger?  Just disconnect the converter and be done with it.  All inverters, with or without chargers, are "friendly" with converters. The only concern is to avoid having the converter/charger powered by the inverter when shore power is off. That causes a power loop that quickly runs down the batteries.

You mentioned a solar charger, but that's not the same thing as a converter. There is no problem having two charging sources active at the same time. 
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