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Sep 7, 2006
Palm Beach, Florida
Over the summer I was on trip through S. Carolina on my way to Virginia. Well, I-95 in S.Carolina was driving me crazy( no offense to those who live in S.C.) crack after crack, hole after hole, the roads are pretty bad. Very pretty country though. The stock thermostat for the front a.c. has a little tube fuse in it and low and behold the plastic insert that holds the fuse in place broke. The fuse would not stay in place and you guessed it NO front a.c.. I was able to get another one later that day from a Home Depot but it was, I believe a 4 wire and my RV a.c. needs 6 wire to control the furmace.

My question-Does anyone know where I can get a good  and possibly digital, if its better for the RV, thermostat that will work both the a.c. and furnace?



Well-known member
Jan 22, 2006
I'm no electrician, but I believe I'd go to an RV supply and get a regular RV Thermostat tha is supposed to be in it. 
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