Airstream parent company Thor signs MOU with ZF to build electric RV

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Aug 3, 2021
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Just watched a few videos on the Thor EV Airstream Class B. About 125 mile range without the fuel backup which Thor is being tight lipped about. Why? They do say it is not Hydrogen or gas. Base price is probably going to be mid to upper 200's. Really? Lots of $ for what you are getting. The auto drive/backup feature is nice and would certainly help many Rv'ers get into spots. Some campgrounds care more about #'s than ability to get into spots so only the best drivers can do many spots. I remember being less than 6 inches from a neighbors rig while doing the back up turn. That's always a fun experience. Some nice new features that maybe get incorporated in normal RVs but way out of the price point for normal campers.
Undecided on the camera mounts in front rather than just putting a mirror there. Still have airflow issues and I can imagine that "mirror" failing and causing a complete headache while driving and getting another with the quote to have it fixed. Sometimes too much integrated tech is not a great thing IMO.
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