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Jun 28, 2012
Saginaw, TX (north fort worth area)
Anybody got any idea what Akamai NetSession Client is?  Just the past few days this has popped up wanting access.  My choices are allow and cancel, I've been choosing cancel.  So far I can still access the web, and I haven't found anything yet that doesn't work when I hit cancel.  Anybody know what it's for? 
When in doubt, go to the source.  Akamai is a content deliver network (CDN) used by many web sites to host items for downloading by visitors.  What browser and web site(s) are you using where you see this message?  I've never been asked about it yet visit many sites that use Akamai for content hosting.
This is a client similar to many others that really has a lot of benefit to the content provider and very little to the end user (unless you have a dialup or satellite internet or other less-reliable connection).

Likely, somewhere along the line, you agreed to download and install it.  I would suggest looking for this in your 'add/remove' programs and removing it.

Here's a thread on the subject over at Toms hardware http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/29615-63-akamai-netsession-client
I agree, there is no real benefit to you.  It seems to function as a type of torrent client, using your bandwidth to upload files that Akamai has delivered to your computer (at your request, however) to other users requesting the same file.  According to the FAQ at the referenced web site, you can remove the client via the Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features on Windows 7).  I recommend you do so.
+1 Internets for noticing and asking about it.  Sadly the vast majority of internet users will just click through everything ignoring the consequences.  In this case it wasn't really anything bad, however keep up the good work!
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