Am I wrong not to want to pet sit a 4 mo puppy? For a week....

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Mar 10, 2014
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A little background, the family is meeting at a campground for a week.
Everyone is staying in cabins except for us who will be in our camper. No Dogs Allowed in the cabins.

The one brother just got a puppy that will be 4 months old and they want us to watch it in our trailer.

This means 7 days and nights with a puppy, we will be spending most all of the days away from the camper out sight seeing.

I don't know this dog or how it will behave and I don't want a yapping puppy in my camper while I'm gone or home!

Our dog is older and loves to sleep, we always ask our neighbors if she makes any noise and they never hear her.

My short answer is no, but my MIL is making DW feel a little guilty about it. No one in the family camps or understands how much sound travels in a campground.

Short answer: NO WAY!
You know the reasons and they are many. It would be burden enough at home, and the RV is downright challenging. Nobody should even ask another to puppy-sit like that in a small space. Not to mention feeding, "watering", and cleaning up after their pet.

If MIL wants the brother to be able to attend, she can assist him with the boarding kennel costs.
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I agree, no way. Simple, our dog is pretty territorial and don't think it would enjoy staying side by side with a little one (or any story that lets your older dog have it's comforts)
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